Here is where Mr. Plewis' Writer's Craft Students (EWC4U, for those of you keeping score at home) will experience the joy of online learning.

Note the right hand tool bar, where things will be organized. It is in a snappy blue font. If you cannot see the tool bar, or the colour blue I suppose, please let Mr. Plewis know asap and he will mock you relentlessly (unless your dilemma is of the congenital kind, in which case Mr. Plewis will likely not mock you and merely make an appropriate change).

One such function for this site will be to share, critique and comment upon each other's work. This is not an optional exercise in this course. Part of your evaluation will be derived from your ability to participate in the writing process. If you cannot participate online, and instead choose to do so face to face, please ensure that Mr. Plewis has sufficient evidence of this occurrence.

Another function of this site will be to share resources that you have found beneficial to your writing. The Interweb is a marvelous thing and should be used for good, not evil. Your first assignment reflects the beneficience of the Interweb.

As well, you will see an Assignment schedule that you will need to use to keep up on the requirements for the course. Often, you will have multiple writing assignments that you can be working on and this organizer will help you be, er, organized. If you know you need help in staying organized, please consult Mr. Plewis. He is a Jedi master (Sith Lord?)of organization, as you will likely come to discover.

You will find in this course that the process is atypical of most high school courses you experience. Your success/lack thereof will be fairly commensurate with your ability to self-motivate. If you have had a hard time meeting deadlines in the past, this course might not be for you. Deadlines are very important in this course and you must meet them in order to do well, or even to do so-so in Writer's Craft. Please ensure that Mr. Plewis will be tolerant of missed deadlines only to a reasonable point.

And if anything. Don't end up like this cat.external image 1p.jpg

Here is the Poetry Explication File:

Here is the link to McSweeney's reviews of new food: