This is where you will attach files to be peer edited. Please follow the, er, following guidelines:

1) Make sure your file is in a Microsoft Word 1997-2003 format (a .doc, not a .docx) only!

2) Make sure your name and the writing task is clearly labelled. Example: mrplewisautobiography.doc is good
myautobiography.doc is not good. Not good is bad.

2a) Click 'Edit' (upper right hand corner). Click 'File' (Centre of tool bar above). Find the correct file. Hit 'Upload'. The file will appear somewhere on the screen. Drag it into the table. Shrink it 4 times to be the same size as the below assignment.

3) When you open up the file to edit, use a different coloured font than the original writing. Please use the standard 12pt Times New Roman/Arial/Georgia (of course) unless otherwise directed for your original writing. Dealer's choice for the editing - make sure it is clear for the authour!

4) When finished editing, please keep the original title of the file intact, but add 'Edited' at the start of it. Example: editedmrplewisautobiography.doc

5) When editing, please find ways to be constructive. The ever popular 'this sucks', albeit potentially accurate, does not allow for the authour to know how to improve their work. The goal should be to always to improve. Help each other.

Hope this table helps organize things. We can and will change this if it proves to be unsuccessful.

Original Assignment
Edited Assignment